Posted by Mary G , Jan 22,2002,17:05   Archive
The last time I went for injections two sites were very painful--due to scar tissue from surgery.... Never thought to ask that Dr. M. use a new needles per each eye. I get 8 injections per eye and it makes sense to use a new needle per eye. When I go for my injections on Jan. 31 will ask him to try using two needles... I have to go every 7 weeks for Botox and as time goes by I do get anxious sometimes before going. Dr.M. is the greatest and very considerate and only does one eye at a time and gives me a break between. This will give him time to change the needle. He uses the smallest needles but sometimes it still hurts..I know it could be chemo and I am indeed fortunate to only have to endure the injections every 7 weeks==but it still hurts. Interesting about the cold needles versus the room temperature ones?? M

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