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Posted by Charles Claytor (charles claytor,Charles Claytor), Jan 24,2002,12:45   Archive
Help''' My insurance has changed to Cigna HMO and I am having trouble finding a dr who gives botular injections who will take my ins I live in the Dallas area between Plano and McKinney. Thamks to anyone who can help
charles Claytor

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Re : finding doctor --- Charles Claytor
Posted by Delaine Inman , Jan 25,2002,21:31 Top of Thread Archive
Charles, so sorry you are having a problem with this insurance and a doc who takes it. I have that complaint from people all over in TN with varies companies that the "experts" don't accept. Did you get a preferred provider directory from CIGNA? If so, go to the neurologist list or Ophthalmology list and start making calls. The BEBRF is a good source, but they don't have everybody. I found 4 in my home town who gave Botox and weren't on the BEBRF list and am pleased with my doctor. So far I've gotten 2 of the four to get on the BEBRF mailing list to get the newsletter and be on the list of MDs. I've found the best docs are the ones who say they don't have all the answers and are willing to listen, look, & feel before they give injections. The most important thing is if they are willing to work with you and try things you suggest. Good luck.

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