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Posted by kathy , Feb 07,2002,04:03   Archive
would you tell us where you get this, june, please . is it easy to apply/ and remove?

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Re: window film/ june

Re : window film/ june --- kathy
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 07,2002,16:08 Top of Thread Archive
I had professionals put this on our windows, Kathy - I found them in the yellow pages under `window film'. There were 3 levels of reduction-of- light film to choose from, I chose the middle one, but wish I'd chosen the top level in hindsight. I had trouble geting permission (I should not have asked, as others didn't) from the management board of our condo building to have it put on and thought I shouldn't use the darker one because of that. I had to get a letter from my neurologist about light sensitivity to get the management board to agree.

We live in an extremely sunny apartment (afternoon and evening sun) with 3 balconies. The windows that we had done cost about $200 Canadian each and I understand it costs about 2/3rds of that to remove the film. We have to use non-commercial window cleaner on those windows (just vinegar and water will do the job). It certainly helps with everyday sun but I still have to close the verticals in the late-afternoon summer sun.

Hope this helps.

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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