Thanks for the Welcome

Posted by Nancy Williams , Feb 08,2002,10:30   Archive
Hi Everyone, (again)
Thank you so much for the nice welcomes. Since I started reading the BB-I have laughed!! and I have cried. You all seem like such a "neat bunch". I am a little calmer today; yesterday, my adrenlin was really pumping because of BOTOX (not Botax) on "The View" again. I did not,however, see the CBS news story - twice in one day would have probably caused me to go completely "over the edge". I am wondering if Allergan wants FDA approval for Botox for cosmetic usage -what effect it will have for us. I tend to agree with Kelly -in keeping the market strong will be a benefit. Happy Birthday to Kelly tomorrow! I'm glad I don't have to think about someone getting the remainder of the vial for their "vanity" reasons - I get a full 100 units each time - 8 shots around each eye.
I was asked to be the NE PA Area Rep. after I held my first support group meeting in my church basement where only 3 other "fellow Blepharos" attended. Then after writing articles in the local newspaper and later in a larger city paper - I have found 16 new friends. My last meeting was held in a nearby hotel and 8 came with 8 caregivers. I was thrilled to finally put "faces" to all the voices on the phone. The next meeting will be in late April - so if anyone out there lives any
where near NE PA. please let me know.
Alan - my 14 yr old grandson wants to know where you live - he says he would gladly be your "lifeguard" at the pool - he says "China" is "hot"??????
Nancy from NE PA

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Re: Thanks for the Welcome

Re : Thanks for the Welcome --- Nancy Williams
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 08,2002,10:56 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Nancy, we are glad to have you on the bb although not glad that you have this disease.

You seem to be doing an excellent job of running that support group - keep up the great work. Our support group only meets about once a year - no interest in meeting more often and I've tried several times to get a monthly (or so) coffee group going - nothing so far, but I'm not giving up.

Alan and your grandson are typical `males' right? Anyway, that's normal, so let it be!

June in Toronto (beb/meige) who also would like to see China, but not for the same reasons!

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