trauma, drugs, stress as causes

Posted by Delaine Inman , Feb 09,2002,09:54   Archive
I think when the Cause and Cure is found for this brain disorder there will be a multitude of events and circumstances that led up to the full blown symptoms and diagnosis. I've had forceps birth, head trauma and whip lash, spine problems from lower back to axis of neck, a stressful career in nursing and personal life, got Fibromyalgia which is also a brain disorder that affects muscles with no cause or cure and can be disabling, took Elavil for years for that, wore contacts most of my adult life and had dry eyes from that, was always a little light sensitive and a squinter since birth, remember relatives who wore dark glasses indoors all the time, have a cousin with vocal dystonia and 2 aunts with Parkinsons and I believe it was all of the above that gave me BEB. That is why it is so hard to treat, find a cause and find a cure. We all have a long list like I have and though we have similar stories we are all a little different and different things work for us.
For me it didn't happen with one thing and one thing and a short time is not going to put me in remission or eliminate the symptoms. I'm going to keep working on all the things on the list that I do have control over and focus on trying to get my mind/body/spirit as healthy as possible. Try to get my body, especially my spine & neck back into balance so my nervous, electrical, neurotransmitter system can function better. It is a different approach and journey for each of us. On the average, I'm doing much better than I was 3 years ago.

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Re: trauma, drugs, stress as causes

Re : trauma, drugs, stress as causes --- Delaine Inman
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Feb 09,2002,10:15 Top of Thread Archive
Well said, Delaine and I agree. I've looked at so many things in my past, like you, with injuries, stress, contact usage for 27 years, various medications over a lifetime, genetics and also being a squinter since early childhood. I will probably never know what one thing or combination of things allowed this to happen.

I will just continue to learn as much as I can about the disorder and myself and go on with the struggle of trying to find something that helps. You and I got this about the same time and we've tried many different things and bared our souls and shared many things. We both got on the bb about the same time (you a little before me).
Keep sharing your journey and your knowledge and your sense of humor with us. You are touching and reaching a great number of people.

Shirley in Arkansas BEB/Apraxia

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