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Posted by kathy , Feb 15,2002,09:15   Archive
I am having a couple of awful, squeezy eye days so i am still having side effects, but peter jenningss will have yet another slot tonight covering the scads of those standing in line for botox for wrinkles.

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Re: abc World News tonight...this evening

Re : abc World News tonight...this evening --- kathy
Posted by Nancy Williams , Feb 16,2002,15:51 Top of Thread Archive
Last night, once again, Botox was in the news. Peter Jennings - ABC - had a brief segment on its cosmetic usage. There was a mother and her 59 yr. old daughter who received the "magic shots" regularly - together. What a wonderful "bonding" experience that must be!! Then there was a 30 yr. old man with a "baby face" who said "getting the Botox shots now will certainly make the transition into his 40's and 50's easier!! I almost got sick to my stomach!!
I read and printed so I can read it again sometime later the article in the Feb. 18 issue of TIME. Thanks Bob, for supplying the info so I didn't have to waste my money to buy the magazine. I laughed - good thing we can still laugh - at the remark "Why, Clint Eastwood with an unlined face would just be.....Dick Clark".
I don't have a problem with people using Botox to remove wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet if that's what they think they need to do; but, the TIME article also quoted George Orvell as saying "at 50, everyone has the face he deserves!" I always felt that I deserved all my face lines - crow's feet mean you smile and/or laugh alot and the rest are worry lines which came from raising 2 children and all the other life experiences that were dealt me.
Maybe I'm stupid or I just don't understand - but I have a couple of questions about all this media "hype" on Botox. Who is trying to get Botox for cosmetic usage approved by the FDA? Is it the Allergan Co.?
I know Botox is approved for medical treatments but, if it is not approved for cosmetic treatments now - what difference is it going to make - there's already so many people out there (as we are now learning) that are using Botox already for "vanity" reasons. Being approved will make what difference?
We all who suffer from this nasty disorder need Botox to help us lead a relatively normal life. It's time the media starts to realize this - and begin reporting on the medical side of it. I think I will cantact the "HealthWatch" segment reporters of my local tv stations - saying "Look at me!" my eyes are sunken in (probably not the right term)
because of Botox injections - I don't have any much deserved crow's feet any more-only facial lines I never had before because of Botox injections - BUT at least my eyes stay open most of the time."
Kelly, I would love to see the article you did for The Ladies'Home
Journal. Is there any way I could get a copy?
Does anyone have any answers for my befuddled mind?
Also, how dare they make jokes about - prepping for your Dr.'s
appointment by dressing up in your BOTOXEDO!!!
Again, it's a good thing we can find some humor in all of this!

Nancy from NE PA. where it was 50% today and felt like Spring!

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Re: abc World News tonight...this evening

Re : Re: abc World News tonight...this evening --- Nancy Williams
Posted by Lyn Patterson , Feb 17,2002,04:56 Top of Thread Archive
Right on, Nancy ! I too get very angry at the trivialisation of Botox and am now going to contact every TV channel that mentions its cosmetic usage with no mention of its legitimate uses. I tried to contact a station a couple of weeks ago when they mentioned its wrinkle removing uses with a snigger after an item on its legitimate use for kids with cerebral palsy. Unfortunatley I used the wrong URL and couldn't contact the news divison. However, I have now come across the correct address and am just waiting for the opportunity. Botox seems to be in the news a lot lately mostly with reference to cosmetic usage.

Lyn from sunny Western Australia

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