Why Botox in news for vanity and not medical

Posted by tim stone , Feb 20,2002,10:31   Archive
If anybody saw the report on CNBC last night re: botox for wrinkles, you now understand what has been the big push. If you did not see the segment here is the scoup, Allergan has not been permitted by gov. regulations to advertise Botox for cosmetic purpose, so in order to get it's cosmetic uses out to the public Allergan used news reports.If I remember right Allergan can start advetising in 8 days for cosmetic uses. If you don't know CNBC, it is stock news channel for NBC. Are you getting the picture? It was also stated that the sale of Botox for cosmetic use this year will be big profits for Allergan and some market reserchers have said that the stock price could go up another $17.00 per share if Botox sales meet their expectations this year. This could be good and bad news as it will hopefully creat more compitition over time and more reserch, but the laws of supply and demand have to run there course. I have sent numerious e-mails to TV stations and complained that botox also has medical uses, please report on them also! Only to get no reply or answer until last night on CNBC, where i got the chance to e-mail them 1 hour before the segment aired. I don't know if my e-mail helped, but I did receive the answer on air of why reports are cosmeticly orientated.

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Re: Why Botox in news for vanity and not medical

Re : Why Botox in news for vanity and not medical --- tim stone
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 20,2002,16:06 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks for the information, Tim - I didn't see the CNBC report last night on wrinkles but I'm sure it was just `par for the course' and like the other ads we've been hearing about on tv, in magazines and at health shows. Glad you are getting after these people, same as I am - please see my post on the Times magazine article. We must continue todo so.

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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