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Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Feb 28,2002,14:36   Archive
The Braille Institute has been in the business of helping the blind to survive in a sighted world for about 80 years. They develop and promulgate the dot code that is used to enable reading by touch, that is used in books, public elevators, etc., to help the blind. They also have centers of education at various places, to train the blind to help themselves. There is such a center near me, in Rancho Mirage, CA.

I recently visited that center, armed with a lot of BEBRF literature and an appointment with the director. I got a tour of the facility and an impression of great compassion on the part of the staff there. Several of the staff members are themselves blind, and their example of overecoming a severe handicap is inspiring. The tour guide herself was about 95% blind, with advanced Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.

I also found that the staff was completely ignorant of BEB and the BEBRF. The director had vaguely heard of the condition, but had never met a blefro like myself, nor had any sense that our organizations might have anything in common. We were able to chat for a while before he had to leave, but I got a promise of a chance to present the BEBRF and my personal story at his staff meeting in a couple of months. I'm looking forward to it.

I'd suggest that others try to locate Braille centers in their own states -- I have no idea how many there are - and follow up the idea with them.

--- Lynn

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Re: BEB and Braille

Re : BEB and Braille --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 28,2002,15:33 Top of Thread Archive
Well done, Lynn - that's a great idea.

June in Toronto(beb/meige)

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Re: BEB and Braille/Lynn

Re : BEB and Braille --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by Kathy in Atlanta (kathy,Kathy in Atlanta), Mar 01,2002,05:07 Top of Thread Archive
This is really good and very important that you did this, Lynn!! I think it is a little strange that they don't know more about BEB. What about those before Botox injections and for those who surgery doesn't work. It might be important to mention that there is severe pain associated sometimes with our spasms and maybe this is a major difference. Did you get discuss this with them at all? I really want you to keep us updated on this.

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