Posted by tha vitto , Mar 17,2002,06:15   Archive
Hello, this is the first time I write here.
I'm from Venice Italy, and I found this Bulletin surfing on the net.

My problem started few months ago with my left eyelid.
Sometimes the lower left eyelid starts a little uncontrolled movement for few seconds then it stops, starts and so on.

I'm trying to find relations and causes.
At the beginning I thought it was coffee.
Also other opart of my body if I drink coffe start sometime to have little movements.. that people can see only if look close at my eye.
I stopped drinking coffee.. but I don't know how much time do I need to get uncaffeineated totally.. maybe it will take months.
Anyway there's no relation between stress, sleep and so on.
My eyelid move even today sunday morning after I slept 10 hours.

Relations may be with light, and temperature, going outside inside house.

This is my actual experience. I'm not gound to any doctor and I hope it will stop someday by itself. Will it? Or will it gett worse?

Ciao and sorry for my English.

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Re: blepharospasm/Welcome To Italian Friend

Re : blepharospasm --- tha vitto
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Mar 17,2002,07:20 Top of Thread Archive
Hi there in beautiful Venice, Italy - I hope to go there one day.

I have had blepharospasm (in both eyelids) for 7 years now, and wish that I could find a cause (as do the doctors as then there would be a cure!) but it could be anything from injury, to drugs, to genes and more. There's no doubt that coffee and other stresses can aggrevate ANY health problem, but I'd doubt that caffeine would CAUSE what you have. Having tremors only in one eyelid sounds like you hae HEMI FACIAL SPASM, but you should see a movement disorder specialist doctor to determine this.

I'm sorry you are having problems. Do come back and ask any questions and we will do our very best to answer them. WE CARE. Good luck

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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Re: blepharospasm

Re : blepharospasm --- tha vitto
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Mar 17,2002,10:11 Top of Thread Archive
Welcome to the Blepharospasm bulletin board. I've posted a link that you can click on and read more about Blepharospasm so that you can get a better understanding of the symptoms.

It sounds like you may have something as simple as a "tic" (involuntary muscle spasm of a part of the lid) which may go away by itself. I don't mean to downplay the frustration of a "tic" as I have had them myself and they can be quite annoying and bothersome. Caffiene could make this worse. Stress does sometimes make this worse, also. It would probably be best if you saw a doctor regarding this if it doesn't go away soon. We're not doctors so it would be best if you checked with one for an accurate diagnosis.
Since you have noticed that you have movements in other parts of your body with the drinking of coffee, I would certainly stop or slowly decrease the amount caffiene that you consume.

Shirley in Arkansas

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Re: blepharospasm

Re : blepharospasm --- tha vitto
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Mar 17,2002,17:03 Top of Thread Archive
Hello Tha,

I'm sorry that you are frustrated by your condition, but I may have good news for you: It doesn't sound like BEB. By the way, I'm not a Doctor, and you should verify this with a competent Opthalmo-Neurologist, but I am a patient with a very long history of the condition (over 40 years). The reason I don't think it's BEB is that so little of your eye appears to be involved. The BEB patients that I have seen (including my own videotapes) display tremors and spasms over the whole eyesocket (much like Zorro's mask in the movies) including eyebrows, cheeks, and all of both eyelids.

So take heart, but check it out with your O/N'ist. I've been known to be wrong before!


--- Lynn

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