Closing up shop...

Posted by Kathleen Bowers , Mar 19,2002,11:10   Archive
That beautiful moment in SC, 3-4-02 extended and finds me with more joy today than you might imagine. Prayer does make a difference. And, THANK YOU. I do not remember ever before having my name called on a PRAYER CHAIN by a neighboring church group of women.

Reflecting now, it seemed enough to face the holidiays once again with BEB. I have always loved making our colonial home in the country here replay the story of the Christ Child in the traditional way with lots of natural greeney and red velvet bows, candles, a Christmas tree (one such with Christian monograms carefully cross stitched and individually framed in brass circles--this was accomplished while the family was still young)in most every room, a dazzling silver star hung over a nativity scene at both appointed places , et cetera. Just a Christmas before my luncheon guest described Christmas here "like a Christmas card by a famous artist." This was extremely kind.

Instead of the hustle and efforts in waving my magic wand, there was pain, and sleepless nights. There was no chocolate yule log with glowing flame to announce dessert time. No trees with beautifuly wrapped packages. No electric train blowing steam, and whistling that sad lonesome sound around the family tree always inviting near the open fire place. The MD had said "Shingles"...elevated swollen leg with the rash taking over at the nerve endings and slowly moving around to meet the front side of my ankle. "No stress", the nurse said....ultracet for pain...Valtrex for the rash which was weeping as did my very soul and my constant tearing Belfro eyes. "This too will pass..." my saintly mother has been known to refer to in the Scriptures.

It was so. From day 04 (March) my pain became more tolerant, restful sleep came to me, and my energy level took on a noticeably incline the day Prayer Warriors arrived for the ten o'clock hour just this Saturday past.. ... As I recall now there was that sweet quiet sound of Christmas like I have never heard carols before ...the atmosphere was loving and meaningful with family voices engaged in conversation, laughter, and food fit for a queen. January passed quietly with me revisiting books like: PRAYER IS GOOD MEDICINE by Larry Dosey, MD and read by the Author...WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS, Philip Yancey.... WHY US? WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOD'S PEOPLE, Warren W. Wiersbe... and Edith Schaeffer's AFFICTION.

February found me at the computer long enough to prepare a three-fold
Valentine / newsletter type brochure(to acknowledge family and friends who gave me such wonderful support at Christmastime) simply entitled FEBRUARY - ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATES AND SWEET FRAGRANCE..."but thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him." 2 Cor. 2:14 NIV

March winds cause periods of time for listening, waiting, expectance, anticipation... as badly as I wanted to just die in the early 90s, somehow those who were here are now gone and I am the only living member of my immediate family. This phase of life, "living in a house beside of the road and being a friend to man(kind) troubled, weary, their strength almost gone...I'll help them to carry their load," is swiftly fleeting. A commitment in prayer.."Lord, teach me to pray!" Struggling, yet trying to be faithful... the next phase will be closing up shop, like the good secretary who picks up and folds away the equipment at the end of the 9-5 work day. Betty, Bert, and Bob and my extended family will go with me to the lovely retirement place and be sure that everything is comfortable. And the sign on the door will read: BEYOND BELIEF VS. BEB (Eph. 3:20-21 NT)

Do you ever know when to expect the neck condition..sensory trick? Too painful to touch, here in SC where the March winds are moderately moving about on Lake Keowee under overcast sky. Kitty

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Re: Closing up shop...

Re : Closing up shop... --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Dee in OR , Mar 19,2002,13:07 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Kitty,

I'm not sure what you mean by "closing up shop". Are you moving into a facility of some kind? Anyway, I wish you the best. You must be a writer?

Dee in OR

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Re: Closing up shop...

Re : Closing up shop... --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by pippa (Pippa,pippa), Mar 19,2002,14:29 Top of Thread Archive
Your message was very moving. But when you say "closing up shop" I hope that doesn't mean that you will be unble to contact us again? You sound rather final, and i truly hope that is not so. You must continue to tell us how you feel, and in as much detail.
Pippa, feeling for you at this time in your life.

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Re: Next Chapter

Re : Closing up shop... --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Mar 19,2002,16:34 Top of Thread Archive
So Kitty, tell us about the retirement place. I think that your door should read "Life continues" or "Next chapter in my Life".
Change is not always easy but sometimes necessary.
I would have a very difficult time if I lived alone. As time goes on, my husband and I have already discussed that we will probably opt to move to a retirement community or assisted living facility of some sort where meals are furnished and such but where you still have your own space and privacy. That will be the case whether we are both living or just one of us is. And there will be enough room for our PCs.

In your last paragraph, you asked "Do you ever know when to expect the neck condition..sensory trick?". I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Please explain a little more and maybe I or someone else can give you an answer.

Shirley in Arkansas

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