Saying Goodbye / good morning new puppies

Posted by Kathleen Bowers , Mar 21,2002,06:09   Archive
Check in at the following: for this about saying "goodbye in Washington, DC. Here in Carolinas this takes on meaning. Believe me when I first came to SC as a bride, Thurmond was politicking with his lovely new bride at that time....The courthouse offices greeted him kindly.

Hilarious! I like your fun....just wish I could keep up with you.. . and convince the troupe to check in on my son Bert in SanBruno, CA .. Lela in Corvallis, Abby in Idaho Falls....they need to know that in spite of a bad head cold, propped up on pillows at night to breathe...I was downstairs looking in on LuLu at all intrevals between birthing...lost count....possibly four hungry and getting fed! Talk about peacefulness....Picture this...a brandnew mommie with those little ones.

Anyone think thoughts of "the Highlands"....Back when church groups were mapping out plans for the Holy Land, I secretly had my eye on Scotland. Secretary-friend to the president at Baptist Seminary, Louisville Ky......was our program guest back when I was involved in achievement programs for church secretaries...she had been invited to come to Scotland and give assistance/training to their Baptist church office personnels.... She invested her comfortable flat and new car to follow the call. There like 3 months...My son-in-law still talks about his golf experience there...esspecially remembers how beautiful he found the Highlands.

Oh, yes, "closing up shop"... kitty's korner will be difficult to fade time immediately... just passing through an emotional phase before I can welcome the reality of.. what is it called...? The family is consummed now with polishing and grooming the homestead for those who will follow me.... They are quite busy...grounds require hours of mowing grass, trimming shrubs, restoring / pampering the tulips, magnolias, crepe myrtles, etc. I have loved it all too much.

A beautiful young mother; we call her Tammie, left Atlanta this mornign with 26 other adults going to join another group already in the Dominican Republic where they will give assistance to missionaries Lynn and Stan in various ways...the medical people will set up a clinic, the construction workers will repair and finish buildings of worship. At the prayer time here last Saturday, I cried a little giving my blessing to Tammie. It is exciting to go with her in prayer. There was no other way I could make that trip with BEB overshadowing. kMcCallb

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Re: Saying Goodbye / good morning new puppies

Re : Saying Goodbye / good morning new puppies --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Mar 21,2002,09:33 Top of Thread Archive
Congrats on the birth of the new puppies - they must be a delight. Sorry you have a head cold - I have a virus or bug, or something, as well - its miserable isn't it? Mine has been around since December 25th and, according to the doctor, its called "a 300-day cold"!

It sounds like "closing up shop" for you means selling your homestead - but I'm not quite sure - you don't actually say selling your house! That will be a difficult time, although if you move into something smaller, you can look forward to less to do in the way of housework and gardening, and spend more time on yourself. I wish you well.

June in Toronto(beb/meige)

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Re: Saying Goodbye / good morning new puppies

Re : Saying Goodbye / good morning new puppies --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Mar 21,2002,16:28 Top of Thread Archive
New puppies ... how exciting! What breed are they and how many? Bring them with you, as you are, of course, being picked up by the ark and your cold will get all better then. You can stop off and greet all those people you mentioned yourself!

I'm still not clear what is happening in your life ... do you feel comfortable telling us more of the story? It sounds as though you have a lovely older place, estate perhaps? It must be beautiful and hold many memories for you. Be sure to "take us along" wherever you relocate. We are adaptable to new sights and sounds, and we hate to lose track of our friends.

Feel better real soon, Kathleen.

Sally in North Idaho who would love to see your beautiful grounds.

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