Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Mar 24,2002,10:51   Archive
Being on this bulletin board is like being in a very large family full of unconditional love and care. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for that feeling.

Hugs from Toronto - June

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Re : UNCONDITIONAL LOVE --- June in Toronto
Posted by Shanasy in IL , Mar 24,2002,17:23 Top of Thread Archive
It's a family all right - we have every personality type there is - good for learning to love (AND appreciate) others exactly as they are. I'm glad to be part of it even though I come and go. I probably won't be around again for awhile because I am on a vigorous holistic healing (no drugs/botox) program (to get rid of the blephs) that takes ALOT of time and concerted effort (and willpower!). I need to get my concentration back on it and full force. If I'm going to be able to drive myself to those garage sales (that should be starting next month) I gotta put EVERYTHING I have into this program.

Don't forget . . . you all heard me say it here . . . "I WILL DRIVE AGAIN!!!!!" and SOOOOOONNNN!!!!!! And you all will be the first to know of my first drive.

P.S. I am already seeing some signs of getting better. I went to the grocery, shopped for an hour and didn't have any spasms until I got to the cashier (wouldn't ya know it!). That is definately progress for me because you know how bright those lights are at the grocery store!

Love to everyone!
Shanasy...itching to take herself for a ride! (haven't driven in about a year and still paying car insurance!)

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Re : Re: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE --- Shanasy in IL
Posted by Christel-California , Mar 25,2002,10:19 Top of Thread Archive
Shanasy, good luck to you and all my best wishes. You will drive again, as will I, but you will do it sooner.

Hugs from
Christel in Ca.

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