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It was the early forties. I was at Mars Hill College. Evening vespers found me among Girls Auxiliary out under the starry sky. The air currents were filled with missionary hymns, the attractive young woman standing down by the edge of the lake said God had made a difference in her life. She spoke about people of different cultures with diverse needs. She had found joy in another country ministering as God willed in her life. It happened quickly. GAs moved from the hilside down to the water's edge and I watched as each one's candle became alive from the light held by the missionary speaker. The glow of flickering candles presented a beautiful picture reflecting in the lake as additional lives were committed to follow Christ in missions.
That extraordinary moment came to me still sitting on the hillside. Once my candle took on a magnificent kind of light, within my inner being it was like the first day of my life.

WW II took away public school teachers; a call came from the Supt. of Educ. My life changed from college atmosphere to a mountain elementary school just this side of the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains. This was my mother's beginning point as public school teacher right out of college. This is where my dad saw her on horseback from a distance and told his friends that she would someday become his bride.

In the same community, this was where the U.S. postal inspector commended me excitedly when I politely asked for his identification before entering office space to audit my books in the fourth class post office. Driving a big black automobile and finding him hansome in business suit, with sosmbre eyes, all took on meaning. Yet warnings had prepared me about postal inspectors arriving unannounced and not wearing a name tag. Mr. Postal Inspector had never before been asked to show his card. I made his day and he found my bookkeeping up to par. The family thought I would teach. No. "Let's replace the U.S of A. Postal figure in D.C. one day." Such aspirations.

It was one of Muriell's Marauders that turned my head--Feed & Seed business. Charming. Handsome. One of a family of 10. We became as one after leaving the marriage altar and then there were three more. (Today Betty Kathleen, our "Nancy-the-Nurse" Specialist; Elbert Gordon III in Radiological, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene Services, and George Robert associated with SC Dept. of Mental Health.) 15 years full-time homemaker, housewife, and mother with time to grow toward God through the church. Woman's Missionary Union, SBC, provided opportunities for leadership and my roots became anchored in strength touching the ends of the earth.

Children in school, refreshed my Gregg, polished up on office equipment; ssharpened my skills in the county office, at the hospital's business office, State Extension Dept., CU, and became better groomed for the next 20 years. Working with Directors of Missions, 60+ cooperating Baptist churches, the ministry awarded me far beyond jus compensation. For someone without a shingle (degree earned) to hang on my office wall, there were new friends, conferences / seminars out of state, climbing the corporate ladder with Professional Secretaries (Int)., becoming a charter member of the National Association of Southern Baptist Secretaries, PSI SOTY recognition, red roses, silver, and name splashed outside on the marquee. Involvement with State Enablers and the local associational of Baptist church secretaries enriched my life.

Today it is still a process of becoming...The Father (God) will in His on timing complete the plan for my life He, Himself, started. The journey slows at 75, footsteps become more cautious, yet there is more priority time to give myself as an intercessor...Int. Missions Prayerline, Widow's Might (North American Missions), SC LeaderCARE, local church Prayer Warriors, and keeping a prayer journal. Nothing brings a greater reward than partnering in prayer with SC WMU president and following her in a most colorful missionary ministry throughout this state, touching base in national and global women's Christian endeavors.

There has been Blepharoplasty for greater field of vision, denied surgery by Peter J. Jannette, MD, Pa., after his office studied my medical records, have stayed on BoTox every 3-4 months, condition in the neck happening more frequently, will try Dr. Andrson's tinted lenses after upcoming change in prescription this April. The neurologist has suggested the possibility that a virus weakened by thyroid system placing me on the edge requiring 1/2 grain medication daily for Hypothyroidism...volumes of info in Endocrinology
...nerves...muscles...their relative meanings.

Revisiting my files over the past 10 years has renewed interests in what is happening, dicovering BB makes me wish my eyes would hold out longer so I could know each of you better. I care. I do care. I care about you. Your names are musical. There must be melody around. And, perhaps, I will be one of the first to donate to the research kingdom "a very normal brain" according to the last MRI tagged by the professionals.

I saw in the Scriptures (John 12:49) that Jesus did not speak of His own accord, but the Father who sent Him commanded Him what to say and how to say it." Jesus did not think up what to do or say on God's behalf. Neither can we. He (Jesus) did promise: "As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world" (1 John 17:18).

Perhaps there has been a candle in your life also. I may be your senior...sloww and all toooo windy. Don't you know? Everything you would like to tell me about your candle on my e-mail will be cherished and placed carefully among my most treasured Book of Letters No. 1-a

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Re: Delightful

Re : Re. Introductions --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Mar 26,2002,20:33 Top of Thread Archive
Kitty ... How beautifully you write; your words have a melody all their own. I loved hearing a condensed story of your life. You seem like a happy, glowing-inside person. I'm happy that you joined the BB and hope you will be able to drop in often.

Sally in North Idaho

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Re: Re. Introductions

Re : Re. Introductions --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Pippa , Mar 27,2002,15:41 Top of Thread Archive
I too liked this...I printed it and took it to bed for night time reading. What an interesting life.
But what are/were Muriell's Marauders? And what was the Gregg you refreshed. Please excuse my ignorance of what may be Americanisms that i am unaware of! I liked your bit about becoming better groomed when you went back to work. I must take note that i don't get too slovenly now that i am at home.
When you were talking of candles it reminded me of something which happened a few years ago when i was in Turkey. My faith disappeared when i was a teenager and I tended to think of the Bible as a good way to live one's life but really was a book of fairy stories with morals... So it was with great amazement that as i sat on the stone seats at Ephesus one evening listening to Chris de Burgh singing his haunting songs among 60,000 people...each of them holding candles flickering in the warm evening breeze..(try to imagine it!)....that the hairs on my neck rose as I realised that I was actually sitting in the place where Paul had raised the riot act, so to speak, against their sinful ways (Sermon to the Ephesians or something?) and was then taken off to Rome..just as it says in the Bible! I had not until that time actually given credence to the fact that this place or Paul existed. So those candles have forever remained in my mind to remind me to be more open minded.
Thank you for taking the time to write of your life. I hope you will continue to write of your memories for us.

Pippa from Scotland...very sincerely.

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Re: Re. Introductions

Re : Re: Re. Introductions --- Pippa
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Mar 27,2002,15:50 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Pippa ... In case Kathleen doesn't reply right away, I do know that Gregg is a method of shorthand most commonly used in the U.S. Just thought I'd give you one less thing to ponder. Don't know about the other.

Sally in North Idaho who only remembers "Dear Sir" in Gregg!!!

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Re: Re. Introductions

Re : Re: Re. Introductions --- Sally - in - Idaho
Posted by Kathleen Bowers , Mar 28,2002,07:17 Top of Thread Archive
Pippa, 1) Sally is right....Gregg went out with this electronic age. Lost art. Shorthand--you don't use it, you lose it, right? Sally? 2) Can I repeat your (candle) experience as the opportunity arises.This sounds like something I would read in The Bibical Illustrator, aid to Bible study. 3) My EGB volunteered for service in the US Army 1942, was in teh second Battalion of Merrills Marauders in the China-Burma-India Theater, WWII. EASTER SUNDAY 1943 will always be memorable. The water supply blocked, a minimun of K-rations, they were surrounded by the enemy 6 days before being rescued by the 3rd Battalion. Airlifted (the first plane didn't make it), my husband was on the second airlift and made it to nearby medical center, later to hospitals in Fla. and NC. 4) This blephro knows about support - EGB's kind. I saw the hurt in his eyes because of what was happening to me those first years. 5) Printing out and placing in my file binder much about my new family (BEB) to savor on good or better days. Blessing of the season, here it is arriving in blossoms of white Spirea, yellows, reds, Red bud trees which are hot pink..Jasmine soon to follow...Azalaes from white to pink to dark red warming up for their glory..Dogwoods only budding now, but my friends tell me it's looking like Spring outside....but I say very little about my romantic feelings....No one will ever suspect Johnny E. - she and I both dream of dancing --heavenly bodies...a loving Christ..whose strong everlasting arms embrace us even today and give support. She is paralized from neck down. You know.

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Re: Re. Introductions

Re : Re: Re. Introductions --- Kathleen Bowers
Posted by Pippa , Mar 29,2002,16:54 Top of Thread Archive
Yes of course you cam use my candle story!
Happy Easter!
Pippa...working hard making the wooden parts on our boat clean and ready for oiling to glow yellow as the buttercups in the with sandpaper hands now!

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