Re-visiting aspartame

Posted by Ruth D. Barth , Apr 02,2002,19:29   Archive
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Shanasy and the other members who alerted me to the perils of aspartame and diet coke. I had been all over trying to get some relief from my constant eye spasms every night upon awakening about every two hours. I had been to many doctors who told me it was not blepharospasm, might be an allergy, might be high blood pressure etc.etc. I was very addicted to diet coke and other weight watchers products and when I read about this on the bulletin board, I decided to try to go cold turkey on these diet products. The first few days my spasms decreased somewhat but it wasn't till the second week that I slept all night without them. It has been four weeks now that I am free of them. My eyes also are not dry although I keep using eye drops "just in case."I spent two weeks in Aruba that were great and would have been a very uncomfortable before. Another odd thing, I never could grow my nails and all of the sudden they have become longer. I do not know what the future will bring.I say God bless you all and keep up the good work. I will still write in from time to time.

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Re: Re-visiting aspartame

Re : Re-visiting aspartame --- Ruth D. Barth
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 02,2002,19:39 Top of Thread Archive
I'm glad to hear that you are doing better, Ruth.
Caffeine is also known to cause the type problems that you are talking about. It can definitely cause sleep problems and cause or worsen eye spasms. It would be nice to know if it was the caffeine or the aspartame that was contributing to your problems.
Keep in touch.

Shirley in Arkansas

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Ruth's story should be headline news!

Re : Re-visiting aspartame --- Ruth D. Barth
Posted by Shanasy in IL , Apr 04,2002,09:35 Top of Thread Archive
This is such incredibly exciting news Ruth! I am surprised more people have not responded in some way. Here we have someone who has found the source of their spasms (whether they are called the blephs or not) and has been able to stop them! Isn't this what all of us are looking for - what causes our spasms? I say ...a BIG congratulations to you Ruth! I'm sure giving up a substance (diet soft drinks) that you are "addicted" to took alot of willpower and I am so proud of you!

Neurological dis-eases are caused by soooo many different things, many of which are common items in our diet, our home, and our general environment. I truly believe that if we took a serious look at all the neurological toxins in our life, that some of us might be able to figure out what has screwed up our neurological system and get rid of the source and nutritionally get our body back in balance so it can have the power to heal itself.

It always saddens me to hear of others who "blindly" accept that this dis-ease is "uncurable" just because their drs said so. (I know some of you take issue with this.) If we take more power into our own hands, and not leave it to the very busy doctors (who just don't have the time anyway), I feel that many more of us can be healed. We just need to keep looking for sources of information, educating ourselves, researching, and trying different things to help our bodies heal itself.

I truly believe 100% that our bodies CAN heal itself of this disease, if we just learn to give it what it needs to be healthier & stronger so that it CAN fight for us! We have to BELIEVE that we can get better - without the belief, there IS no hope since the brain controls all body functions. If we took all the energy we use up feeling sorry for ourselves (I know...I do it too) and put that energy into healing our bodies, many of us would be alot better off. Even if we never got rid of the blephs, at least we could say that we gave it everything we had.

Sorry I know this sounds preachy, but I had to get it out of my system! And even if it doesn't help or motivate anyone helped ME by just saying it.

Shanasy - still trying to convince everyone to not give up on finding a cure...yourselves.

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Re: Ruth's story should be headline news!

Re : Ruth's story should be headline news! --- Shanasy in IL
Posted by Christel-California , Apr 04,2002,10:11 Top of Thread Archive
Shanasy, you are always an inspiration. Thank you, I agree with you and know that I'm not doing everything I should be trying in order to heal myself. I need you inspirational speeches more often. :-)

Keep it up and take care.

Christel in Ca. who should not be drinking that cup of coffee sitting next to her.

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Re: Re-visiting aspartame

Re : Re-visiting aspartame --- Ruth D. Barth
Posted by Christel-California , Apr 04,2002,10:35 Top of Thread Archive
Ruth, congratulations on overcoming your addiction to the diet stuff.
It is not an easy task and I'm happy for you that your rewards were immediate. I hope you feel better and better.

Best Wishes,

Christel in Ca.

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