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Posted by Christel-California , Apr 03,2002,19:51   Archive
My foster brother sent me an article from a German magazine about Botox injections for cosmetic purposes, he thought might be of interest to me.
It was the usual without any mention of the medicinal uses for Botox.
I hope the blephros over there get as upset about it as we do here.

Christel in Ca. whose brother must think she lives on the moom.

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Re: botox article

Re : botox article --- Christel-California
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Apr 03,2002,21:44 Top of Thread Archive
A long-time friend is here visiting from Dallas. I used to baby-sit her, but she has lived in Dallas for many years now. She asked about my eyes and if I am still getting injections. I said yes, that I have Botox every two months. She said, BOTOX?? Is that what you get? Then she proceded to tell me that many of her friends (she isin her 50s) are all excited about Botox injections and rushing off to have this and that wrinkle smoothed out. She thought they were crazy, and now she knows they are. She is going to go home and tell them what it's REALLY meant for. At first she was telling me about a friend who had injections around her eyes, and I thought for sure there was a blephro I could refer to Kelly in Dallas. Then it turns out the woman is having her little crow's feet taken care of regularly.

Maybe someday.

Sally in North Idaho who, as I've said before, has earned each wrinkle and will just keep them as is.

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Re: botox article/Sally and Christel

Re : Re: botox article --- Sally - in - Idaho
Posted by Kathy in Atlanta (kathy,Kathy in Atlanta), Apr 04,2002,06:55 Top of Thread Archive
Good for you Sally in enlightening your friend. Christel, if only your brother knew some of the heated reactions we have had on this bb regarding botox for wrinkles.

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