Need to let off steam

Posted by Dianne Beavers (dianne Beavers,Dianne Beavers), Apr 04,2002,20:22   Archive

Don't know if it will help but at least I got it out. Been on spring break this week and battled this stuff hard this week. Had the second Botox injections 1 1/2 wweks ago. Not any improvement. Spasms have gotten worse across the nose with some lip pulling. Beathing problems are worse in afernoon and evening hours. Throat tightens when I try to talk much. I don't take Klonopin or Benadryl. My doctor is sending me to see a Dr. Dutton or Dutten in Cary,NC. Anybody heard of him ?
Does movement bother you alot? Driving, walking or even seeing things that move fast really irritate me.
Sorry for the rambling. Ineed to get back to my housework but don't have the energy to do it. Thanks for listening and all of your info.

Dianne B. from NC where it was a bit cool today.

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