Alan , Braille and Sports Illustrated

Posted by Ann Doyle , Apr 14,2002,13:45   Archive
Alan, I tape recorded books and magazines for the blind for 12 years. When we came to a picture, we usually just read what it said underneath the picture. We would sometimes give a brief description if we thought it necessary. I don't think that's what you had in mind. Better stick to "Victoria's Secret" where it has to be described. Have fun. Ann Doyle

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Re: Alan , Braille and Sports Illustrated

Re : Alan , Braille and Sports Illustrated --- Ann Doyle
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Apr 14,2002,16:31 Top of Thread Archive
Our Yellow Pages section of the Telephone Book says "Let Your Finger's do the Walking". Perhaps that is what Alan is going to do:-)

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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