Posted by catherine pender , Apr 15,2002,10:09   Archive
Hi everyone

Mexico was just what the doctor ordered. I felt totally relaxed the whole week we were there. When I got off the plane the humidy felt like being in heaven. I did not use ANY drops the whole time I was there. I felt energized!
The story changes here.

When We got on the plane to come home the eyes felt like they were getting completely sucked up. We got off the plane in Calgary where there was a tremendous wind. My eyes started siezing and I became anxious. It has been dry and very windy since and it feels like sand in the eyes. I have not been out much.
I am looking forward to spending the summer in Ontario where they have some humidity.
We have come to the conclusion that when my husband retires in 2 years we will be back in Ontario and then someplace warm and humid for the winters. My problems started in Calgary and I can only hope that they go away when we finally leave.
Thanks all for your support when I was in the dumps

Catherine in Calgary who is counting the days till summer but not wishing them away as I might miss something really good!

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Re : TANNED AND RESTED --- catherine pender
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Apr 15,2002,12:10 Top of Thread Archive
Glad you had good week in Mexico, Catherine - welcome back. Sorry that Calgary isn't good for your eyes. I'm enjoying the warmer weather here (supposed to be 29degC tomorrow and down to 5 on Sunday--no wonder people get sick!), as I've been able to walk without the cold winds shutting down my eyes. Maybe we should all move to Mexico:-)

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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