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Posted by denise mckew , Apr 21,2002,09:45   Archive
Hi Everyone,

I am going to the Houston Conference, with my Mom (a learning experience for the both of us) this August. I was wondering who else may be going? Also, how to register, or is it open to the public?

By the way - where and how do you get the rose-colored glasses?

Heading to Boston on Tuesday for my next round of shots. This time they are going to try and help the apraxia too. Wish me luck.

I am planning on make a photo journal of before, during and after. So that I can attach photos with e-mail requests for stories. I think a visual has more imapct than just a plead. Especially when a drug used for cosmetics, makes me pretty ugly (in looks and attitude) for weeks.

Take care,

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Re: Houston Conference/article

Re : Houston Conference --- denise mckew
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Apr 21,2002,15:07 Top of Thread Archive
I'll be attending the Houston conference. I am going to help out and speak on the patient panel on Sunday. I'll be coming alone since Morgan will be back in school and I don't have any family around to watch the girls. FYI, I called the hotel and they have a free shuttle from Intercontinental airport. I believe the next newsletter should have the conference info in it.

A photo journal is a good idea. I did a blind email to my local paper a couple of weeks ago and was interviewed last week. The story ran on Sat. front page in 2 papers (populations of 50,000 and 300,000). I'm pumped. The story was not on their website on Sat but I'll check again early in the week and hopefully can post a link. Keep on trying to get the word out and your efforts will pay off.

Kelly in Dallas

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Re: Houston Conference

Re : Houston Conference --- denise mckew
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 21,2002,15:18 Top of Thread Archive
The conference is open to the public. There will probably be more information in the next newsletter about registering and cost and motel accomodations, etc. It's all very easy to do. You can register ahead of time or when you get there. It helps if you register early so that they have an idea who will be attending. They make up packets for everyone.
My husband and I plan on attending unless my father's health deteriorates. Alan said that he and his wife will be there. Kelly will also be there and our webmaster, Bob Campbell. I don't remember anyone else saying yet if they were attending or not. I'm sure that others will be there that you have met on the bb. Some people may not know until closer to the conference time. We'll all try to get together while we are down there.

The FL-41's come from Salt Lake City, Utah from Knighton Optical. Other places can make you tinted lenses that are probably similar. You can do a "google" search for their website. (Look under "Vision News when you get there). I personally think that it would be ok to post a link to them as it has been in the BEBRF newsletter before but since we aren't really supposed to advertise on the bb, I won't. I'll leave my email address above and if you have difficulty locating it, just email me and I'll send it to you. If you already have untinted, uncoated glasses, you can mail them your glasses and they will put the coating on for you for a nominal fee and mail them back to you. I have three pair and they can tint them light, medium or dark (different degrees of tints).

Good luck with your next injections.

Shirley in Arkansas who had both her sons home from college this weekend and happily did lots of laundry. ;-)

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Re: Houston Conference

Re : Houston Conference --- denise mckew
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Apr 21,2002,18:16 Top of Thread Archive
Denise, I think your idea of a photo journal is a very good one. Good luck with your project ... and with the injections.

Sally in North Idaho who admires all you people who are working so hard to get recognition for BEB.

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