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Posted by becca (Becca,becca), Apr 22,2002,14:15   Archive
Hello Shirley, Hope you are doing fine. I don't want to bother you with dumb things but I've looked thu the posts and I can't seem to find the post you had regarding the 3 different shades of the fl41 sunglasses. Would you please be a sweatheart and try to post it again? I have the darkest ones and I am wondering if the 2nd darkest is too light. I hope you can help me. Thank you for your time.
Cindy in sunny california

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Re: shades of fl41-SHIRLEY

Re : shades of fl41-SHIRLEY --- becca
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 22,2002,17:21 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Cindy, I'll post a picture of two of the tints. One pair of glasses is untinted and one has the lightest tint and the largest pair are tinted with the darkest shade of the FL-41 tint.
I'm not sure how this always works out though as I sent off another pair to be tinted in the medium shade or 55% and they came back just as dark as my darkest pair. So, I'm not sure if the tinting varies somewhat or not. It would depend on what you are using them for. The lightest tint is ok indoors. I've gotten so I don't use the darkest tint but just put my Solar Shield wrap-around sunglasses on over my lightest FL-41s when I go outdoors.

You can do a "google" search for Knighton Optical and you'll find information regarding the FL-41s under 'vision news'. Your best bet would be to call Chuck at Knighton and talk with him.

Shirley in Arkansas where we have had a beautiful cool sunshiny day and I've been inside all day long-bummer

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Re: shades of fl41-SHIRLEY

Re : Re: shades of fl41-SHIRLEY --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by becca (Becca,becca), Apr 23,2002,23:41 Top of Thread Archive
thank you shirley. It helps make a dicision

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