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Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 22,2002,15:57   Archive
Pippa said " Pippa, nervous about her second set of injections/shots on Wednesday... "

Is this nervousness about the discomfort or just how they will work?

In the USA, we have a topical numbing cream called EMLA. You might check with your doctor's office about any similar numbing cream that you might have in your part of the country. Ours needs to be applied 2 hours before the injections and about every 15 minutes. Some people have a lot of pain with their injections and this can really help. It needs to be applied thickly and to the areas where you will be getting the injections, taking care not to get it in the eyes. Sometimes you can go in early to the doctor's office and they will apply it for you. It is a prescription cream.

A 30 gauge needle is also used which is very tiny. Sometimes changing the needle out between injections helps.
Make sure that the BOTOX is being mixed (gently) with a "preservative-free" saline. Some time back, some people on the bb were given BOTOX that had been mixed with saline with a preservative in it and they had found it to be extremely painful. The physician had discovered her mistake and told her patients about it and apologized.

Hope all goes well Wednesday. Let us know.

Shirley in Arkansas

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