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Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 22,2002,17:30   Archive
Is it ok if we post links to Knighton Optical or is this opening up a can of worms? The phone number and address and all the information has been in numerous newsletters and also here on the bb. Information is passed out freely at the conferences regarding the FL-41s.
I feel that this is an exception to the no advertising rule and would just like some input on this. I'm all for being able to post a link to the Knighton site under the circumstances (being that they are not ingestible). We'll go with whatever decision you make.
Thank you,

Shirley in Arkansas

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Re: question for Judy or Bob/Shirley

Re : question for Judy or Bob --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by Kathy in Atlanta (kathy,Kathy in Atlanta), Apr 22,2002,17:41 Top of Thread Archive
I second your request!

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