Now is the time

Posted by Nilda Rendino , Apr 22,2002,17:59   Archive
What Joyce, Kelly and probably others have done recently is exaclty right. Now that Botox is on everyone's lips, newspaper, TV, and radio is the time to contact or re-contact local media. What we go through is being trivialized. Since people go to Botox parties, people will think that what we go through is nothing.
Tell YOUR story now. Don't be angry butlet them know that Botox is not a party for us and why. Good luck!

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Re: Now is the time

Re : Now is the time --- Nilda Rendino
Posted by Delaine Inman , Apr 22,2002,22:29 Top of Thread Archive
Amen, amen, amen! Keep it up. Everybody keep those articles, calls, emails, and letters coming!

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