Posted by irene sieger , Apr 23,2002,10:15   Archive
Hi Sally I have been thinking that I might have to take an early retirement from school . But I don't want to be stuck here at home just doing house work. I know that I'm sick but just thinking what else and I do. I know that their is alot of paper work to do if I apply for Social-Surity thought I have always done two jobs so I know I have benifits. I can't see my self retired. I have the energy to do alot more but under my condition maybe I won't be able to do my job well.I have to think of long term illness that lies ahead of me. And Just to think I have two teenagers that are still in High school makes it harder. For now I'm going to try and finish up the school year we have about 5 more weeks left and we will be out for the summer.
take care and wish you the best

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