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Posted by melissal , Apr 25,2002,09:55   Archive
Regarding your question about riboflavin and folic acid, actually they are both different types of B vitamin. B6 (I think, do not remember for sure) works to improve the functions of magnesium .

I now am taking a B complex vitamin every day (is easier since b6 should be in the same amount as B2 etc, and it also include folic acid, so taking the complex is a sure way to keep the balance between them), and also a magnesium, calcium zinc combo pill. It hasn't eliminated the problem, but has helped to diminish it.

After I went to the neurologist he put me on clonazepam but I don't think is working and is making me sleepy, but maybe I am winking my eyes a bit less.


PS: also read about l-carnitine, an aminoacid and Taurine, another aminoacid, but I'm still researching on this. (I already, after two days, fell I want of Clonazepam. Too sleepy!)

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Re : to Kathy in Atlanta --- melissal
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 25,2002,10:12 Top of Thread Archive
Melissal, you might try a lower dose of the Clonazepam like Delaine mentioned. I take .25mg of Klonopin twice a day. You might give it a little longer trial at a decreased dose. Check with your doctor about it. I could tell right away that it was helping and can tell when it wears off. It works for some and not others.

Shirley in Arkansas with BEB/Apraxia

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