Nicotine Gum

Posted by melissal , Apr 26,2002,10:33   Archive
Have any of you tried Nicotine Gum?, It is said that it block the same nerve endings as the medicines prescribed. You put it in your mouth under your cheek for about ten minutes, and I hear some people get relieve for even a few weeks. The taste is not good, but has no side effects compared with the nicotine patch. I also understand this works for non smokers.

May be it is worth to try and see what happens, since it sure is cheaper than Botox. I think it works by itself for some people and with meds for others.

Check on the internet, there is a lot about this...


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Re: Nicotine Gum

Re : Nicotine Gum --- melissal
Posted by Kathy in Atlanta (kathy,Kathy in Atlanta), Apr 26,2002,10:35 Top of Thread Archive
Maybe i should just do the hoochicoo.

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