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Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 28,2002,19:25   Archive
Thanks to Bob, our webmaster, the new photo albums have been linked to this bb site. At the top of the bb page, it says "Photo Albums". Just click on that and it takes you to a page where you can click on whatever album you would like to look at. He has made it so much easier to access the albums. Many new photos have been added since I first told you about the site, so check it out if you haven't looked in a few days.
The album is for everybody, so if you have a photo you'd like in the album, send it on my way. I'd like to see more member photos.
I plan on adding a "support group album" and a "scenery" album in the near future, also.
Happy looking.

Shirley in Arkansas

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Re: BB link to Photo Album Site

Re : BB link to Photo Album Site --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Apr 29,2002,06:18 Top of Thread Archive
It worked like a charm, Shirley. Thanks to Bob (and you) for doing all this. I'll have to snail mail (when I first heard this expression I wondered what on earth it meant:-) you a photo sometime as I don't have the facilities to do it any other way. I've left my e-mail address if you wouldn't mind giving me your home address (no rush, as I'll have to dig through photos).

June in Toronto

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