Myobloc vs. Botox type A

Posted by Geri Arts , May 07,2002,17:01   Archive
My sister Diane only had two treatments with Botox type A about six months ago. The treatments only gave her relief of two weeks' maximum.
The delay was due to the doctor's billing office not getting approval for her visits. The matter is resolved but oh, how long it took!

She saw her neuro-ophthalmologist today and apparently received Myobloc, probably at my sister's request "to get on with it."

Can anyone out there share what experience you've had being injected with botulinum toxin type B? What kind of side effects did you have?

Diane has come to a learning curve with her present diagnosis, Meige's syndrome, and prognosis, chronic and unfortunately progressive as I am well aware from what I read on this web-site.

Thankfully, she is on a six-month paid leave of absence and I thank God ever day (and her doctor) for giving her this opportunity to pursuing consistent treatment modalities. She's had a 15-year history with her place of employment and would give anything to go back to work. I say, at her age, a young 54, hooray! and kiss the stress good-bye. God works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for all the support and information she has received from this web-site. She has a closet-full of downloaded information from me and I remind her from time to time of what you shared with her.

Big Sis

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