Posted by Claire Wolstencroft , May 09,2002,04:31   Archive
Hi everyone..I've gained so much help from your board. If you've read my previous posts you will have read that I had been given various diagnoses the last two being "Myasthenia" or "psychological!"

To totally rule out Myasthenia I was referred to a lovely Myasthenia specialist who was extremely thorough. On Tuesday evening I got a phone call from his secretary asking if I could go and see him the next day! I panicked wondering what could be so urgent! I decided that he was going to tell me I was a stupid woman and wasting his time. Armed with printouts I went along to say I thought I had Dystonia...before I could bombard him with these he told me that he thought that I had Blepharospasm/Dystonia and would refer me to a movement specialist who is an expert on Botox..(he has written a major text book on the subject!)He felt that Botox would be helpful with my eye opening problems. He was so lovely that he has partly restored my faith in neurologists!(And boy was he handsome...and really boosted my confidence LOL by pointing out my facial tics!)

Thank you again for all your support

A very relieved newly properly diagnosed Claire (and three gruesome kittens grrrr)

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