What Guage of Needles are used

Posted by catherine Pender (catherine pender,catherine Pender), May 13,2002,18:43   Archive
Hi all

I went to a Laser surgeon for the removal of some broken veins in my face. He saw that I had had surgery and we discussed my disorder. I knew his clinic did botox for cosmetic reasons but he showed me pictures of a new patient that he treated with botox for Bells Palsy. It was a remarkable improvement. I said I knew all about the botox and said how much they hurt. He said that they should not hurt and that he uses the very tiniest of needles. I think he said 32 guage. Does that sound right? If that is the case no wonder people are using it for the wrinkles. He also said that there is a better product called Emla Max. It has been on the market about 8 months and you apply it about 20 minutes before the injections. I know that my last round of botox did not hurt as much. I had a different doctor than before and he changed needles half way through.
This doctor also informed me that he is the teaching rep in Western canada for Alergan. I am now wondering if I should give him a try for
the botox in June. Any opinions?

Catherine in Calgary who just got home from a wonderful visit with my son in Montreal. The weather was cold, rainy and windy there. In Calgary we have in the 70s today YEAH!!!!

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Re: What Gauge of Needles are used

Re : What Guage of Needles are used --- catherine Pender
Posted by Virginia , May 13,2002,20:18 Top of Thread Archive
The doctor who did my myectomy is an ocular plastic and uses 32-gauge needles. When I went back to the neuro-op, I told him and he switched from 30- to 32-gauge. The MDS I went to last uses 30. I can tell the difference. I can hardly feel the 32-gauge needles. I mentioned the 32-gauge needles to the MDS and she said she would be afraid that the botox would be destroyed during the injections (not her exact words, but what I understood). That doesn't seem to be the case in my experience.

The neuro-op also only does 20 units with each needle. That makes a difference, too. He went through 5 needles last time. The MDS waited til she felt the needle getting dull before she switched. I could tell it needed to be changed - the extra push she was having to give it to penetrate the skin.

Virginia in AL, who has had botox in 3 states now.

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