Posted by NikkiS , Nov 13,2001,10:53   Archive
As a botox failure and the early signs of apraxia, I am scheduled to have a limited myectomy in Salt Lake City the first week of December. I'm hoping some of the BB writers who have had a myectomy can let me know what condition I'll be for the Christmas holidays.
How does one feel a day or two after the surgery? Can you see at all? When were you able to read again? Will I be able to get on an airplane and fly home (under cover of sunglasses, of course)?
I've read about the itching . . . how long does it last? What about the swelling? Will I outshine the Christmas tree with the bruising?
I'm afraid to ask how many people found their conditions much improved after the myectomy? At this time, I don't think I have any other options. But, and perhaps more important, would you do it again?
I find this BB so helpful in dealing with this strange world of blepharospasm. Thanks for being there!

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Re: myectomy

Re : myectomy --- NikkiS
Posted by catherine pender , Nov 13,2001,18:39 Top of Thread Archive

I say GO FOR IT!.

I had surgery with Dr. Anderson April 2000. I can definately say that even though things are not 100% or even 75% some days, I would do the surgery again. I had both done the same day. I am not sure if he still does that. My left eye does not close completely so I would ask him about that.

I was bandaged for 48 hours and took over the counter meds to let me sleep most of the time.
I had no pain what so ever. I used ice packs constantly. The itching will drive you crazy for a while. My bruising was pretty bad but if I remember correctly you should be good for Christmas. I think Shirley posted some pictures a while ago (don't be frightened of them lol) Just think that some people actually have this for cosmetic purposes!. It is like having a baby. You forget about things after a while. I can't remember when I could start to read again. That is about the only thing that I can't do as much as I did before. I find I can't
concentrate for very long, like when you have a 4 hour plane ride and
want to read but have to keep putting down the book. I tend to get
magazine now.
For me the operation was a piece of cake compared to actually having blepharospamn!
My E-mail is if you have anything else you want to ask

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Re: myectomy

Re : myectomy --- NikkiS
Posted by Cynthia , Nov 13,2001,18:52 Top of Thread Archive
I had the limited myectomy last year on Nov. 2 but had both eyes done at the same time. Are you having them done one at a time or both at once? I was bandaged for 3-1/2 days afterwards so it was a challenge to get through those days. I could see nothing, but could make out light and dark. If you have someone with you you should get home just fine on the plane, but will definitely want to wear your dark glasses. There will be swelling and bruising. You'll still have some swelling by Christmas, but you can still have a merry Christmas! I dealt with the itching by taking benadryl which worked very well for me. Though the myectomy is by no means a cure, yes I would have it again. I very much welcome the improvement.
Praying for a very successful procedure for you! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.
Cynthia in IL where we are off to MN on Thursday to see the grandkids play basketball this week-end. Can't wait!

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    Re : myectomy --- NikkiS
    Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Nov 14,2001,17:46 Top of Thread Archive
    Hi Nikki, I think that you will be fine for the Christmas Holidays. Not perfect and it would be better if someone else did all the cooking and preparation but you should be able to join in. The bruising and swelling varies from person to person. You probably will still have some swelling but it will be much better by Christmas time and the bruising will be almost gone or gone. Makeup can hide any remaining discoloration. Lids will probably be pink to red but your incision will be fairly healed. You may still have itching. Some people have a problem with this and others don't. I had extreme itching that lasted for months. The Benadryl relieved it slightly. I used and alternated hot and cold paks for weeks to help with the healing. Joyce had a great suggestion about using a crock pot full of water set on warm to use for warm moist compresses. Just keep changing them out and putting a new warm, wet washcloth across your eyes. This feels great. Of course if you have a husband like Virginia's, he will just run back and forth bringing you wash cloths. :-)

    My eyes were bandaged for three days so I couldn't see at all during this time. I kept ice paks on during that time and took Valium and Benadryl. I only took one or two pain pills the first 24 hours. There wasn't a lot of pain. Pizza is good to eat and ice cream cones. Finger foods. Will you be staying at a motel for a few days? When I did get the bandages off, my eyes didn't work very well and all I wanted to do was go back to the motel and rest. I was very glad that we had decided to not fly back home that day but the following day. I wore my dark wrap around glasses on the plane the next day to help cover up the bruising.

    I still cannot read very well. I can read on the computer fairly well with the font size blown up but newspapers and books are still a major problem for me and I am still very very limited with my driving.

    I would definitely do it again. I don't think that I have had as much improvement as some but that may be do to the severe apraxia problem that I had/have. I still need botox and medication for my symptoms and I am never symptom free. You will still have Blepharospasm but things should improve. The degree of improvement is quite variable and will depend on your symptoms going in and the surgery that is done.

    I was able to do things and get around after the bandages came off but I was not real spunky for awhile. I had to rest my eyes frequently and use the cold and hot paks for weeks.
    Please ask anymore questions that you have.

    Shirley in AR. 7 months post-op

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